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James Day

BSc Computer Science

Staffordshire University

About Me

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Hey I'm James, a Software Engineering Student studying at Staffordshire University with a passion for making Android/iPhone applications, Server Side Programming and Computers in general. From an early age I've always been interested in computers and that passion is still going stronger than ever.

I also enjoy hosting my own servers and if I can host it myself I will aim to. This includes web servers, game servers, git servers and my own domain controller. I have a rack mount server at home that most of this runs off while also utilising the power of AWS and OVH to run services in the cloud.

My Preferred Coding Languages

  1. PHP
  2. Python
  3. Swift
  4. Kotlin
  5. C#


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List of hobbies

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Cooking
  • Video Games
  • Programming
  • Photography

During my personal time I really enjoy cycling, I aim to get out on my bike daily to get exercise while doing something I really enjoy. While cycling I aim to visit new places, which also links in with my other hobby of photography, as I will take pictures of what I find.

My other hobbies are playing video games with my friends and programming to relax in the evenings, usually I will work on my personal programming projects to make programs the help make my life easier. A lot of this is by using public APIs to keep a track of all the services I use in one central system.

Gitlab Webhook

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About the tool

While making this website I have been using a Gitlab Repository to track changes and keep a backup of my website, while doing this I have been using my Gitlab Webhook tool to post an update of the commit onto Discord.

This tool mainly works well to help teams working on a project get update notifications in a central place. I use it a lot more on personal projects to help keep a track of what I'm working on and to mark off against a To-Do list to organise my work flow.

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